Our ‘Amazing Animal of the Month’ for January 2016 is Bramble, a dog who is helping to educate young people in the North East of England about being safe around dogs. 

Enormous Irish Wolfhound Teaching Children About Dog Safety

Bramble with a group of children. Photo: Blue Cross

School children in the North East of England are being offered the chance to learn about pet care and dog safety, with the help of Bramble, an enormous Irish wolfhound and her owner.

Bramble and her owner, Blue Cross Education Officer Helen Spicer, visit schools and youth groups across the North East of England to help inform young people about responsible pet ownership and how to be stay safe around dogs.

Helen says: “Bramble definitely makes an impression when we go on a school visit – I haven’t seen a bigger wolfhound in Newcastle yet! I call her the ‘Miranda Hart of the dog world’ as she’s so big for a girl and really makes us laugh. She really helps the children to get engaged with the subject.

With a high incidence of dog-related injuries locally, it’s more important than ever that children learn how to interact with dogs safely and the importance of caring properly for pets and training them well. Our talks will both help to keep people safe and improve animal welfare, as the children we meet are the pet owners of the future.”

Helen and Bramble recently visited the 44th Newcastle Brownies and Team Leader Charlotte Cooper, said: “It was a really good workshop – the girls were so engaged throughout. One of the girls is wary of dogs in general, so it was really nice to see her stroking Bramble by the end of the session. Bramble is so nice natured – she did so well in front of a group of lively girls.

Blue Cross education speakers offer talks, assemblies and workshops geared to different ages for schools, all ages of Guides and Scouts, and youth clubs. Last year the charity reached over 70,000 children and young people.

To organise a Blue Cross education talk, visit their website or phone Helen Spicer on: 07810 153613.

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