“Being a mum of a son with autism and sensory difficulties, cutting his hair has been my worst nightmare. No SEN salons in Essex or surrounding counties to take him….finally there is an answer to Harry’s horrendous haircuts by me when he’s asleep!!!” – Nicky Rodriguez


AnnaKennedOnline, a UK charity started by Anna Kennedy OBE, has partnered up with Havering College to produce a unique haircutting course for parents who have children on the autistic spectrum or who have sensory difficulties and find it too traumatic going into a salon/barbers.

Autistic Children to Finally Get Great Haircuts Thanks to New Course for Parents

Nikki with Anna Kennedy OBE

The course is £120 which starts on 11 June for 3 hours (9 hours altogether) and includes all training, materials & hair cutting kit).

Spaces are limited due to salon capacity so please contact the college directly to book your place. The college does offer a finance package.

Autistic Children to Finally Get Great Haircuts Thanks to New Course for Parents

“This is a huge breakthrough for so many parents who suffer this issue of haircutting! I look forward to the 11th June where my Harry will finally get a great haircut with no meltdown in the comfort of his own home!” – Nicky Rodriguez

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  1. Is there any chance the tutors would travel to do further courses for parents? We’re in Cambridgeshire. Thank you

  2. Hi Esther, we are looking to expand the course around the UK after this one in Havering has taken place. If you follow me on Facebook, details will be posted as and when this happens. Thank you!