Michael Carter and his dog Basil are walking 200 miles from St Bees on the Irish Sea to Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Sea. This might not seem that unusual, but wait until you hear their story..

Meet Michael and Basil

Michael has had Basil since he was a puppy, which was 15 years ago. Basil, a Wire Haired Fox Terrier, is now blind after having to have his eyes removed last year after developing glaucoma. A few years ago Michael had both hips replaced, and he puts his recovery down to Basil’s ‘enthusiasm and lust for life’. So, the pair have been through quite a lot together over the years.

What Michael and Basil’s Coast to Coast Walk Will Entail

Michael, 55, and Basil have been on many walks together over the years. This one will be a bit different, due to Basil’s condition. So while Michael will be walking the whole way, Basil will sometimes be carried in a customised backpack. Michael is keen for Basil to have fun on the adventure, even if it means he will have to do a little more work than before.

“I came across a company which makes carriers for elderly dogs and found this gave me the ability to take Basil out on long walks so he could walk as much as he wanted to and then be carried,” Michael explained.

Michael and Basil started their journey on the 13th July, and expect it to take 16 days in total to complete. “We have had lots of practice walks so that I can be confident that he is happy and that I can look after him well while we are away, as his well-being is my priority. It will take 16 days to cover the 200 miles, a little longer than normal, but this gives Basil plenty of time each day to walk at his own pace and enjoy normal doggy behaviour. It may get a little tough for me at times, but I want Basil to have lots of fun. Hopefully the only ache he will have is in his tail from too much wagging. We will be staying in dog friendly b&bs along the way and Basil will blog to his supporters with photos and progress reports.”

As well as having a fun adventure, Michael and Basil have been raising money for Dog’s Trust. They have already smashed their target, having raised £3,786.44 before they even set off!

Follow their progress via their blog and support the duo via their JustGiving page.



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