“We all know that great meals are so much more than a nice taste. Circumstances, company and memories all play a role. Losing the ability to engage with food in a ‘normal’ way cuts you off from all of these things, and it’s that which really hurts.” – Francesca Baker

Francesca, with help from people recovering or have recovered from eating disorders, carers, friends and family of suffers, professionals and health experts, has created a recipe book, ‘Eating & Living’.

The recipe book is for those in recovery from eating disorders, by people who have been there.

Francesca had the idea for the recipe book following conversations on an inpatient ward in London for severe eating disorders. She explains, “Patients would often talk about meals that they loved and wished they felt able to eat again. We joked about how we should make a recipe book, what with all the food knowledge and meal ideas we had, as we told stories about those delicious foods we feared we had lost.”

With 48 recipes in total, a real range has been included in the book. From breakfast meals such as Quark Bread and Blackened Eggs with Avocado, to Chicken San Choi Bow and Stuffed Peppers for lunch. Dinner recipes include Fish Pie with Swede & Potato and Aloo Gobi Salmon Curry. Delicious desserts are included too, with Flourless Pomegranate and Coconut Brownies and Heavenly Almond Bread sounding particularly mouth-watering.

One recipe that stood out for me is Cheese on Toast – something most of us have probably enjoyed on at least one occasion. Initially attracting my attention for one reason, it has stuck with me for another.

Cheese on toast – it’s super quick, doesn’t take many ingredients and it is something everyone knows how to make. Reading through the recipe I was surprised to see a step included that I don’t normally do – something I had never thought of doing! You’ll need to buy the book to find out what this step is – all money raised is going to B-EAT, the UK’s national eating disorder charity.

The reason this recipe stuck with me, however, is not because of the extra step (though I can’t wait to try it out!). It has stuck with me because of the story.

Each recipe is accompanied by a story as to why the recipe matters to them. Some stories are funny, some poignant – all of them offer a hint as to why caring for yourself with nutritious meals matters so much.

The cheese on toast story resonated with me. Reading through all the stories I am sure at least one of the stories will make an impression on you too.

For more information about the book please click here.

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