Eleven year old Oli has been puppy walking guide dogs for some time now, and was recently terribly upset when inevitably the time came for the latest dog to leave them. His mum asked the community for some help to get him over the loss, and was thrilled when Oli received more than 50 messages of support! Here are just some of them..

“Oli thank you so much for helping another guide dog on its special journey! My guide dog has helped me so much and made such a difference to my life. He has given me so much independence and confidence. I’m sure the dogs you have cared for will go on to change someone’s life!  Thank you again for helping a very special dog on its journey.”

Saying Goodbye to Guide Dogs Can Be Tough

Oli loves being a puppy walker but finds it hard to say goodbye

 “Dear Oli, you and your family are doing a wonderful job so thank you. I’m a very proud guide dog owner. My eyesight was fine and I got a sudden condition which kick-started other conditions. I was a nurse at a hospital and I got medically retired and lost my career. I was very sad and didn’t leave the house in many months. Any time I left the house something horrible happened. I fell or had people swearing and shouting at me! I had a white cane but I hated it. I thought about a guide dog for a long time but was worried about my cats. I applied to guide dogs and it was the best phone call I ever made. My dog has saved my life on about four occasions. She is a very clever amazing girl. We go out three or four times a day. We go to the park and woods for a free run. With her by my side anything is possible. She has changed my life. I feel so proud and privileged to have her by my side. I love her very much. So thank you for all your help with guide dogs. Xx”

You are so brave Oli, I find it so hard to say goodbye to a pup – I couldn’t imagine doing it at 11 years old. You deserve a medal xx”

“Just imagine that Janet is going off to doggy secondary school, just like you will soon. She has to study really, really hard to become a proper working guide dog. A guide dog is like a blind person’s car. I can use trains and busses or even just go for a walk because I have a guide dog. I can go out and meet friends, or go and get groceries for my family. I go to an art class each Thursday. I was in Dublin a few weeks ago with just my dog.”
Saying Goodbye to Guide Dogs Can Be Tough

“Ollie, you are a true hero. Looking after one of our wonderful dogs and helping them become a life changer is amazing work. My dog is my constant companion and we go everywhere together. If it wasn’t for people who are as brave and kind as you we just couldn’t do it. Know it will be hard to see your pup go on to big school, but know you are changing someone’s life and be very, very proud.”

“Oli, you’re doing a totally wonderful job. Hold your head high, be proud, and look forward to the next very lucky dog that comes into your life. 🙂 “

Needless to say, Oli and his family now have another dog, who they love dearly again. Find out more about Guide Dogs for the Blind here.
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