In Chemaia, Morocco, a 15-year-old donkey called Saïda was rushed to the SPANA centre with severe wounds on her ears. Following Saïda was her foal, born just ten days earlier, which would not leave her side.

Brave Donkey Protects Her Foal

Saïda’s foal

Saïda’s owner, Laâroussi El Orche, explained that stray dogs had attacked Saïda and her baby, and the mother had suffered from multiple bites. Saïda’s foal was unharmed and the SPANA team concluded that she had fiercely defended the foal during the attack.

Stray dogs are a common problem in Chemaia, posing a risk to people and animals, especially during a period of mating.

Brave Donkey Protects Her FoalSPANA vets examined the brave mother and saw maggots in the wounds, visible on closer inspection. They acted quickly, first sedating Saïda to prevent causing further distress, before clipping and cleaning the infected wounds, and then removing the maggots and any damaged tissue. They gave her antibiotics to treat the infection, as well as anti-inflammatory medication and an anti-tetanus injection.

Saïda spent a month in the centre recovering and her wounds slowly healed. The team fell in love with Saïda’s foal, who is always lively and curious, with boundless energy.

Laâroussi relies on Saïda, who is used for ploughing, harvesting and bringing water from the well, to support his extended family of eight. The team advised Laâroussi to give Saïda plenty of rest. He said:

When this unfortunate accident happened, I did not know what to do with my donkey. I do not have the means to pay for treatment. Thanks to my neighbour, Aziz, I learned of SPANA. I am very grateful to them. Thanks to their dedicated work Saïda has survived.”

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