Sometimes all you want is a smile or a kind word. Sadly not everyone gets these when they need it most.

For the past three years a kind-hearted student from City College Norwich has been sending uplifting messages, handwritten on postcards, to strangers who are going through difficult times.

Through the ‘Sending A Smile’ project, the student has sent cards to hospital wards, nursing homes, specialist treatment centres, and more. The college student, who wishes to remain anonymous, sends touching handwritten letters so that staff can pass them directly on to individuals for whom the words of comfort and hope might bring a much-needed smile.

The letters include positive and hopeful messages such as:

  • We may not know each other, but I wanted to remind you how special you are! The world is a brighter place for having you in it! I think you’re amazing! Go out and spread your sunshine and I hope your life is filled with happiness, because you deserve it!
  • We may not know each other, but I just wanted to remind you of how much hope there is in the world! Things may not be great right now, but they can and will get better! Just keep going, and don’t worry about comparing your journey with anyone else’s, just do the best you can! I think you’re great!

The student said, “I don’t know who will receive them, so they’re not specific, but I hope that they are messages that people need to hear, and I like to think that they will help somebody. Most of the letters I write are just reminding people how special they are, how loved they are, how strong they are, etc.”

If you would like to nominate a hospital ward, inpatient treatment centre, nursing home or another location to receive some Sending A Smile letters, you can do so by visiting the Sending A Smile Facebook page.


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