Volunteers Deborah Taffler and her dog Noodle and Ilonka Scaman and her dog BenJecky all recently spent time at an Age UK event at the Great Croft Resource Centre in Camden, London, which offers over 60’s a variety of services and activities.

Older People Have Fun with Dogs at Age UK Event

Benjecky and Noodle

All eyes were on the dogs when they arrived at the centre and they were quickly rewarded with cuddles and big smiles from their admirers.

Older People Have Fun with Dogs at Age UK Event

92 year old Irene enjoyed cuddling and playing with Noodle

Irene Robinson said, “I’m 92 years old and all my life I’ve always had dogs or been surrounded by dogs.”

“It’s been lovely to have them here today, being able to cuddle them. It has definitely brightened up my day.”

Older People Have Fun with Dogs at Age UK Event

Irene, 92, with Benjecky, enjoyed spending time with dogs again

The Mayhew’s Animal Home’s TheraPaws programme volunteers, who go on regular visits to care homes, day centres, hospices and hospitals across 11 different London boroughs, can see how worthwhile it is taking their dogs on these visits, having witnessed first-hand the positive impact that it has on people from the way their eyes light up to the smile on their faces when they enter a room.

The dogs bring a lot of joy and comfort, especially to those who have had to give up their pets.

Antonio D’Este, Age UK Day Care Manager, said, “It’s so lovely to see the dogs interacting with people, and it gets them talking about pets that they had in the past. It’s wonderful to see their reactions when they enter the room – their faces instantly light up.”

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