Voting has opened for the inaugural Charity Film Awards! Vote for your favourite charity video now!

The award, which is free to enter, is another way by which charities can get their messages heard. Simon Burton, Co-Founder of the Charity Film Awards, says, ‘Video has become a vital part of the way charities communicate…The vote has only been open a few days, but the huge amount of public and celebrity support we’ve already seen shows that charities are at the forefront of the British public’s mind.’

The public vote will determine the shortlisted charities, which will then be shown to a panel of judges. The winner will be announced in March 2017. There are a variety of different categories, with the films being subdivided based on length (less than or more than 5 minutes) and the size of the organisation and budget available.

Here at Good News Shared we are keen to help small charities get as much attention as possible. All of the charities nominated for the £0 – £10,000 annual turnover category are doing outstanding work in their chosen field, and we are excited to share their videos with you. 

Read a brief summary about the work each charity does and watch their video(s) below. Voting closes on the 30th November, so make sure to support your favourite charity before voting closes. 

Charity Videos: Category £0 – £10,000 Turnover

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is one of 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK, covering an area of 7,888 km2. This area, with a population of 1,700,000 people, covers 90 different nature reserves. The Trust aims to rebuild biodiversity both within and outside of nature reserves and ensure that people are engaged with, protect and enjoy their natural environment.

a) Skokholm Island  – click here to vote!

b) Skomer Island – click here to vote!

c) Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre – click here to vote! 



Click here to vote!

Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease is a rare neurological condition affecting people’s arms and legs. This condition is the most common inherited neurological condition in the world, affecting 23,000 people. CMT UK offers services to help those suffering from the disease, including free information and publications, annual conferences, support through local and Facebook groups and information for GP’s and other professionals. Two of their staff have CMT, as well as 9 of the 10 trustees. The video that they created aims to reach out to more people with the condition, so that help and assistance can be offered to them.

Northcliffe Environmental Enterprises Team

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Northcliffe Environmental Enterprises Team, or NEET, is based at Northcliffe Nurseries and founded by people with learning disabilities, was established in 1992. NEET grows and sells plants and garden related products, as well as working with the community in schools and colleges. NEET members, among other things, do garden and landscape work, run an on-site coffee shop, carry out conservation work and hold social events.

It’s in the Bag

It’s in the Bag provides support for men with testicular cancer in the South-West, and raises awareness of the disease throughout the UK. Run by a group of testicular cancer survivors, and with support from specialised NHS staff, the charity aims to support people diagnosed through a range of activities and initiatives, raise awareness of the need to regularly check for testicular cancer to promote earlier diagnosis, and helps with emotional and practical impacts of cancer both during and after treatment.

a) Check Your Balls – Click here to vote!

b) Found something – Click here to vote! 

Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group

The Rossall Beach Group was formed in 2008 by a group of locals aiming to resolve anti-social behaviour which affected the ways that people were able to use the beaches in the area. Today, the charity is registered with over 200 members and received the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2014 – the equivalent to an MBE for voluntary groups. The charity aims to educate the public on the conservation, preservation, protection and development of the Rossall Beach area.

a) Welcome to Rossall Beach – Click here to vote!

b) Scarecrow Making – Click here to vote!

c) Charity Beach Clean – Click here to vote!

Network for Surviving Stalking

The Network for Surviving Stalking is a registered UK charity which offers advice and information to people affected by stalking. Founded by stalking survivor Tracey Morgan in 2000, Network for Surviving Stalking was also a founding partner of the Stalking Helpline in 2010. This helpline, taking thousands of calls every year, provides trained volunteers to talk to and support with those affected.

a) #StalkingSurvey – Click here to vote! 

b) The National Stalking Helpline – click here to vote! 

Communities for Development

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Communities for Development works in rural Uganda in partnership with organisations, businesses and individuals to help communities become self-sufficient in building a future for themselves. They unlock new forms of economic participation in communities to enable individuals to best be able to use their skills and savings. This particular video looks at the small rural village of Bulambuli in East Uganda, where Communities for Development have helped create entrepreneurial ventures with the people living there.

Love Support Unite

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Love Support Unite are a grass roots charity aiming to provide sustainable education in communities in Malawi. Created by sisters Alice and Nina Pulford, the foundation aims to establish small scale projects with trigger large scale changes. The first of these projects was the establishment of Tilinanu Orphanage in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. This orphanage educates and supports up to 34 girls at any time.


Food for Charities

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Food for Charities (FfC) is an umbrella, information providing body that matches supermarkets surplus food to charities that either cook or distribute this food. In Banbury, for example, food is picked up from a half dozen supermarkets and then delivered to 18 different charities. Swindon Ffc works with the Swindon Foodbank offering advice on increasing fresh food deliveries.


Safety When It Matters (SWIM) Cambodia

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SWIM is a new charity, based in Cambodia, dedicated to reducing the numbers of children that drown in that country. Currently, 6 children drown every day with more children who do not receive the correct resuscitation methods and consequently suffer from life long brain injuries. SWIM teaches children and communities key skills including water safety education, CPR, safe rescue skills and survival swimming.


Oasis Children’s Venture

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Oasis Children’s Venture is a local charity which runs 3 different facilities for children and young people in Stockwell, London. With a Children’s Nature Garden, a Karting Project and an Adventure Playground, Oasis aims to provide fun and challenging activities for people living in the area. All of the projects are managed by an experiences team of youth workers, and specialist activity sessions can also be provided for schools, youth groups and private groups. Oasis’ video was entirely built, filmed and edited by young people aged 8 to 13.

Oasis Tuckshop Build from Huan Rimington on Vimeo.

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