Christmas is always a significant celebration that people associate with family, friends, snow, presents and a huge table full of delicious food in a comfortable room with a Christmas tree.

Each one of us probably first thinks about how to organise the day, what presents to get and what to cook. Clearly, all these thoughts and activities regarding Christmas are to make the people that surround you happy and glad that they have shared it with you. There can be no doubt, however, that some might simply not have an opportunity to celebrate and experience this beautiful occasion in the company of others. Some might not have a chance to feel the smell of roast turkey and potatoes, feel the warm atmosphere of a cosy home, and most importantly, feel the blessedness and euphoria of being surrounded by a group of friendly people who care about you.

An excellent opportunity for those living in Bristol, South Gloucestershire or surrounding areas has been provided by a Bristol-based charity organisation by the name of ‘Marmalade Trust’. The charity has organised a Christmas lunch, which will be held in venues all around Bristol, so no one in Bristol is lonely this Christmas. The lunch is for people who feel the need to socialise and celebrate, at least part of the day, in the company of attentive and sympathetic people who have the same issue.

Not One in Bristol Shall Feel Lonely on Christmas Day

Photo: Marmalade Trust

Elderly people are particularly encouraged to take part in this event, especially due to the fact that the participation itself is simple – local volunteers will collect guests from home, take them to a Christmas Day meal in a local pub or restaurant, and then return them home afterwards.

Each person will feel the atmosphere of commemoration and find new friends, make memories together, and forget about all the problems that solitude and social isolation cause. This has been supported by a former guest of the event, Roger: The company of people and the meal put together made my day. An inspired occasion put on by inspired young people.” 

Amy Perrin, Founder of Marmalade Trust said: “Christmas Day can be particularly tough if you are on your own. Sadly there are a lot of people living in the city who are experiencing loneliness and social isolation and there are very few options for them to enjoy Christmas day with other people. Following on from the success of our Christmas Day lunches last year, we are hoping to reach even more people this year.”

No matter what happens in life, there will always be those who care, those who can relate or just want to help. If you think you could volunteer and help in any way by spending a few hours to support the event, please call 07566 244788. There will always be those who will not let you feel lonely, especially on Christmas Day.

Moreover, if you or someone you know in or near Bristol will be spending Christmas Day alone but would like to spend it with others please contact Marmalade Trust to book a place for lunch – it must be booked in advance by calling 07566 244788 – this event is definitely something to look forward to!

Christmas is a special occasion people eagerly await, regardless of their age, gender, culture, race and religious beliefs, as it unites and sends a clear message: not one person deserves to be alone during this very special and memorable day of the year.

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