Fostering a child can be a frustrating, demanding and at times distressing journey – but it’s also one of the most gratifying and heart-warming things you can do. Fostering a child will change someone’s life in so many ways. If you have ever considered getting into foster parenting, here are a few ways taking the leap can change a young person’s life forever.

Show them love

Children in care have had broken childhoods and seen some with distressing and saddening things. Some may have been badly neglected, or abused mentally or even sexually. This can have a terrible impact on them for their whole lives. When you foster you can show a child what it means to be loved and cared for – and allow them to trust you. Many of these children have been let down by adults their whole lives – but you can show them that there are people out there who will love and care for them.  When you foster a child, it really is giving the gift of love. If you have some room in your heart and your home, why not open them today?

Colin and Estelle, who foster through Lorimer Fostering, said, “It is not always easy but I feel he has made a good impact on our family and we have on him. This is very rewarding when you see them grow and make friends.”

Help a child form lasting attachments

Children in care who have the opportunity to bond with a foster parent early in their lives go on to have improved, healthy adult relationships. Attachment disorder is a big issue among children in care and many grow up to have fragmented and dysfunctional adult relationships because they were not shown how to love and have meaningful relationships. By showing a child in need what it means to love and be loved, you can help to break a cycle of neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Help a child succeed at School

When a child is in the foster care system, they often end up falling behind in school. This happens for many reasons, often due to a lack of established home life and suitable support. As a foster carer you can help a child grow and develop into a positive, intelligent young adult by simply reassuring them and giving them a stable home life. You’ll be amazed the massive difference a warm bed and simple, stable routine can make to a child’s school performance.

Prevent them from following the wrong path

Many young people and children in care have never been shown the difference between right and wrong. This means they can be easily influenced and lead into paths that are damaging. This can include drugs, alcohol and criminal behaviour. As a foster parent you have the chance to give a young person a stable home in which they can have a routine. You can warn them about taking the wrong path and guide them onto the right one.

A child does need you.

We live in a world full of marvellous opportunity, yet there are thousands of children and young people that are living a life full of distress, confusion, and disturbance. There really are far too many children in the foster care system and demand for foster carers increases year on year, so you really are needed.

There are thousands of fostering agencies out there looking for people just like you to make a difference to a child’s life today. What could be more rewarding than making a young person feel loved and safe?


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