St. Paul’s Cathedral… One of the most recognisable sights of London; one of the biggest Anglican churches in Europe, a tourist landmark, known for its history and famous for its events, full of interesting architectural designs, filled with the mesmerising animal statues unseen to most tourists but brought to life by the amazing work of a talented young man Reuben Coe.

On Thursday 27 October 2016, the Young Explorer’s Map was launched at St Paul’s Cathedral. Visitors of the magnificent cathedral have the chance to see the cathedral’s animals portrayed by Reuben Coe, who St Paul’s Canon Chancellor Revd described as “a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend, a writer, an artist, a comedian. And he is also a person who was born with Down Syndrome”.

Reuben said, “I’m looking forward to seeing the Young Explorers use the map.”

A unique view of St Paul's Cathedral thanks to Reuben Coe

Blogger Reuben Coe has created a Young Explorers’ Map for visitors of St Paul’s Cathedral to use and enjoy. Photo: Graham Lacdao

Once again Reuben Coe has shown, this time through his Young Explorers’ Map, that anyone, regardless of their background, drawbacks and difficulties, can do beautiful things in life, such as making a group of children happy and interested. As Andrew Greetham, who worked on the map said: “Working with Reuben and his wonderful illustrations of the animals of St Paul’s was a real joy, I hope the young explorers who come through the cathedral doors will get as much pleasure from the map as I had in helping to create it.”

James Shelton, Marketing Manager at Norwich Cathedral (a large church which also uses Reuben’s font for family and children’s events) said: “Everyone at Norwich Cathedral congratulates Reuben on his work with St Paul’s. It is so pleasing to see his talent and fundraising efforts recognised by another Cathedral in this way.”

St Paul’s cathedral, is one of the most recognisable and thought-provoking places and one of the greatest survivors that symbolises a sense of togetherness and harmony, just like the belief that everyone in this world is, in one or another way, special.

Andrew Greetham, continued, “As well as his creativity, what is most remarkable to me about Reuben is the way he demonstrates the possibility to lead an enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle, with optimism and imagination, whilst facing the challenges presented by Down’s Syndrome.”  

We always compare ourselves with others, however Reuben’s diligence, effort and oeuvre in general, show how important it is for us people to stay ourselves and share the light we all got within us with each other.

If you would like to know more about Reuben, his blog is something that would not leave a single person indifferent. It is specifically there that he expresses his point of view: “One of the most important things for me is love: loving people for who they are. Everyone is different and we must accept them for who they are”.

Reuben really means what he says – this is exactly what this gifted individual has shown by his involvement in the new Young Explorers’ Map, which features many of St Paul’s weird and wonderful animals (many of which are Reuben’s favourite – lions) and his digitalized handwriting.

“My Mission is to help people. I want to be a hero and I would like to save people.”

And Reuben, by causing smiles to appear on the faces of hundreds of tired, sleepy, stressed people on a cold, rainy day, you surely did become a hero for each one of us.

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