Coffee drinkers are being urged to spread the love with an easy idea to make someone else happy.

Instead of taking the free drink or pastry that’s being offered on your coffee shop or café loyalty card, customers are being urged to give it away.

“When you’ve got a full set of stamps on that card, just give it away!” says spokesperson Mark Hall, “It’s not costing you anything, and it’s a random act of kindness that could make somebody’s day.”

With hundreds of thousands of these loyalty cards in circulation, Business Waste thinks this could spark a whole new wave of charitable giving in which all parties are winners.

“You don’t have to go searching for a homeless person in the street,” he explains. “Give it to somebody at random, an old bloke standing at a bus stop, or a neighbour who’d appreciate a little gift.

“The whole point is that you pass on the love by giving away something you can live without,” ‘s Hall explains.

It’s an idea that’s already been greeted with enthusiasm among ‘s customers, with some already pledging to give away their freebies once their coffee club cards are full.

Andy, who manages a warehousing and delivery business in the Midlands told Business Waste: “It’s a brilliant idea, and we’re right behind it. Our drivers seem to live on takeaway coffee and they’re already handing their full cards out at random.”

Alison runs a coffee shop in Hampshire: “We’ve had a loyalty card for a couple of years now – buy seven get number eight free. We’ve started suggesting this new idea to customers, and they think it’s lovely. Sometimes we still give them the free one anyway!”

Marisa, who works for an office supplies company said, “I like this a lot, and it’s a very decent thing to do. I gave mine to a mum with a pushchair, and it made both our days.” hit the streets of its home town of York and asked shoppers if they’d be willing to gift their coffee shop loyalty cards to strangers as a random act of kindness, and found overwhelming positivity for the idea.

97% of those asked said they would give away their free coffee or cake

Only 3% said they would keep their hard-earned freebie

As 65-year-old Ray, visiting the city from Liverpool told “Spread the love, that’s why we’re on this Earth, isn’t it?”

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