Dekel Katzav, a 23 year old from Toronto, is encouraging people to take part in his video challenge #DoGoodBeGreat. After graduating from university, Dekel, like many others, struggled to figure out what it is that he wants to do in life.

“All I knew for sure is that I wanted to have a lasting impact and make a real difference in this world. After trying a few entrepreneurial ventures that didn’t quite work out I found myself in a tough place. This led me to start a motivational page on Instagram called Motivated 2 Be Great where I would write daily affirmations to let myself know that I could do more, and be more,” explains Dekel.

Over time this page has turned into a community of more than 17,000 people on Facebook and Instagram.

Dekel has asked his community- and anyone else who is interested- to take part in his #DoGoodBeGreat challenge: Go out, take a video of you doing something good for someone else (as big or as small as you’d like) and post it on social media with the hashtag #DoGoodBeGreat.

The response has been lovely- check out the hashtag on social media to see the videos people have been posting.

It’s not too late to get involved too if you’d like it- just make sure you use #DoGoodBeGreat when you post your video.

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Nisha Kotecha is the Founder of Good News Shared. Having worked and volunteered for charities in the UK for over 10 years, Nisha is on a mission to highlight how amazing charities are.