Friday 13th- a date considered to be unlucky- so much so some people try not to leave their house. Blue Monday- said to be the most depressing day of the year. We will have both in January 2017! 

Those days don’t have to be bad ones, with plenty of good things happening on both.

On Friday 13th January, 2017 an hour-long live chatroom for problem gamblers struggling to find positive coping strategies ahead of ‘Blue Monday’ is taking place from 2pm- 3pm. The chatroom is being run by GamCare, a charity who operate the National Gambling HelpLine and provide specialist counselling for problem gamblers, their family and friends, across England, Scotland and Wales for free. The charity also offers a range of online support, including regular chatrooms and a moderated Forum.

A GamCare Counsellor will be on hand during the chatroom on Friday 13th January 2017 to offer additional encouragement and suggestions regarding positive behaviour changes, and also to discuss how GamCare counselling may differ from other treatment options.

Stephen Cunningham, Frontline Services Manager at GamCare, explains, As well as beginning to understand the motivations behind harmful gambling behaviour, for instance through GamCare counselling, we believe it’s important to deal with the practical issues.

This chatroom is designed to give emotional support to problem gamblers and provide a chance to ask any burning questions. The chatroom is a supportive space to figure out how they can begin to deal with individual triggers and make positive changes moving forward.

To participate in the chatroom, register as a GamCare Forum member at and join at 2pm on Friday 13th January.

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