This year Ashley Community Housing (ACH) are supporting the resettlement needs of approximately 230 refugees in Sandwell, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

From March onwards, ACH will be launching free English language courses based in Cape Hill, Smethwick. The courses, which will be free of charge and open to all, will be led by fully trained volunteers.

Many refugees and asylum seekers with little or no existing English language skills find it difficult to integrate, enrol at college or find employment. A focus group led for refugees by ACH confirmed that, after immediate housing needs, learning English, getting a job and integrating in society are the three key priorities. Gaining even a basic grasp of the language can significantly increase the confidence of individuals who want to get on with life in the UK but face a language barrier.

As well as English language, ACH run courses in employability skills such as CV writing and interview experience, development training and IT skills to members of the community in Sandwell and Wolverhampton.

Help Refugees and Asylum Seekers by Teaching English

Photo: Ashley Community Housing

ACH has provided accommodation and support to meet the resettlement needs of refugees in Sandwell and Wolverhampton since 2012.

Could you spare a little time to support refugees?

If you have teaching experience, are currently training to teach, or simply want to try your skills at something new, Ashley Community Housing wants to hear from you!

ACH will offer 3 days of teaching skills, team building and local community awareness for creative individuals who would like to support the new course of English classes.

Investing your knowledge and a small amount of time each week could make an enormous impact on the future of an individual, as well as contribute positively to the wider community.

For more information about the project and to get involved, please visit the Ashley Community Housing website or email Lucy and Hannah at

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