A ground-breaking play that lifts the lid on domestic abuse and the impact on children has enlisted the help of award winning actor Maxine Peake in its call for public support.

Maxine said, “I am pleased to offer my support to Certain Curtain Theatre Company. One in 3 women experience domestic abuse and 750, 000 children witness it in the UK each year. Claire and John’s pro-active approach to the injustices that so many women and children suffer in our community is to be commended and supported. It’s a shame this northern theatre company producing original work for the last 28 years isn’t better supported financially, but I hope people will recognise the value of their work and support this project through the National Funding Scheme. Theatre is all about telling the untold storiesand these stories need to be heard by us all.”

Maxine Peake backs award winning theatre company to tackle domestic abuse and the impact on children.

Claire stars in MOCKINGBIRD HIGH

Certain Curtain Theatre Company, a professional Company from Preston, renowned for tackling sensitive and controversial subjects, is seeking support for a National tour of its highly acclaimed drama MOCKINGBIRD HIGH to reach young people experiencing abuse.

“Theatre is a great way to engage young people in difficult issues – helping them explore the issues in a creative way and make sense of them,” says Claire Moore, who plays the teenagers’ unfortunate Mother. “This is a key issue for children and young people and teenage girls are most at risk of domestic violence – our work can make a big difference!”

“This is a mesmerising, lyrical exploration of the devastating impact of domestic violence on young people and family relationships. A performance that will leave you BREATHLESS!” adds Director and writer John Woudberg, “Our aim is dramatic excellence, in whatever we produce. The play is a compelling drama in its own right. It has tension, humour and a gritty yet beautiful language.”

Click here to find out more about the play and to help it reach more young people.


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