Each year in the month of February, America commemorates Black History Month. Black History Month is a celebration of the achievements of important figures and events in African American history; the month is celebrated in schools, communities and work places.

With issues of racial prejudice and discrimination still sadly prevalent in the world we live in today, educating our young people on the importance of African American history is crucial. One organisation that made sure they highlighted black history throughout February is the learning platform Flocabulary. Flocabulary is an online platform that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students with learning on topics across the curriculum.  Throughout Black History Month Flocabulary featured a series of music videos for parents who wanted to engage their children on the importance of Black History; this included a video on civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr., the Voting Rights act and many more. Educating our children on these important topics in an engaging and thought provoking way is highly important to teach them past and present issues in the lives of African American people.

Other events that took place throughout Black History Month in America included webcasts, concerts and book talks across the country. This website – linked to the National Museum of African American History and Culture – offers detailed information on the history of Black History month and the events that they run. In addition to this, they also provide links with helpful information for teachers who want to educate their students on black history and videos and audio clips that cover all areas of black history.

In the UK, Black History month is celebrated every October. This website provides information on black history in the UK and all of the events that are taking place across the country throughout the year to celebrate black history and culture.

“I am so pleased to support Black History Month which recognizes, rewards and celebrates the contribution made to our society over many years by the African and Caribbean communities” – Theresa May

Whilst having one month dedicated to Black History is very important, the lessons and values to be learnt from black history month should not be confined to one month alone. The struggles and achievements of figures in black history and teachings of equality and acceptance for one another and should be remembered and continued by all of us, every day, when carrying out our day to day lives. You can read more about black history and culture at www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk.


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