ShareTheMiracle is an organisation that encourages people to engage in random acts of kindness with the aim of strengthening local communities across the UK. This Easter will mark the organisation’s fifth year of operation, over which thousands of chocolate eggs and other gifts are expected to be distributed. Children in hospital, complete strangers, homeless people, the elderly, and victims of human trafficking are all expected to be on the receiving end of this goodwill.

ShareTheMiracle was established in 2013, shortly after founder Dan Usher purchased 100 chocolate eggs to distribute within his community. The organisation is still very much devoted to breaking down social barriers by working in collaboration with businesses and churches to bring people together within communities. In recent times, Dan and his team have also shifted the focus of their work to reflect a more global agenda,

Last year hundreds of volunteers reached out to thousands of people. We handed out thousands of gifts and Easter eggs here in the UK and even abroad – we visited the former ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais in France and in Romania toys were sent to children living in orphanages.” — Dan Usher.

Individuals are encouraged to form local groups and collect chocolate eggs or other gifts, through purchase or donation from generous companies. For Easter 2017, ShareTheMiracle are encouraging volunteers to set up their own ShareTheMiracle ‘stations’, allowing others to donate gift items and chocolate eggs. This year, volunteers will encompass not only individuals but businesses, schools, churches, local councils, and teams of neighbours. ShareTheMiracle also provides Easter invitation cards that volunteers may issue alongside their gift. These cards may be used to invite neighbours to dinner, parents to local parent groups, teenagers to local mentoring groups; some may even wish to invite others to participate in the Easter services at their local church.

According to Dan, Easter is a time of new life and hope. It’s the perfect time to break down some of the social barriers which keep us apart and start new friendships. The Easter egg is the symbol of new life so what better time of year to start to create the world we want to live in?”

ShareTheMiracle is scheduled to run from mid-March until the 14-16th of April (Easter Weekend). However, local groups are advised to use their own discretion to determine the most suitable time to commit their random acts of kindness.

If you are interested in carrying out random acts of kindness with ShareTheMiracle, please visit for more information on how to access resources.
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