Mindfulness has helped me to stop worrying. I will use mindfulness every day of my life from now on’.

Another child said: ‘Mindfulness has helped me to stop punching my brother’.


The Jingle-Jangle Girl: A Much-Needed Positive Brand for Children

Cathy on a family holiday in Sardinia

Both of these children have one thing in common- they have both been taught mindfulness at school through a seven-week programme by Cathy Fiddy.

The mum of two has also created a picture book to encourage children to be compassionate, kind and empathetic. The Jingle-Jangle Girl picture book tells the story of the Jingle-Jangle Girl and her friends Clara the cow, Charlie the sheep and Bertie the bee. With her glass half-full and a sunshine smile, The Jingle-Jangle Girl skips along spreading happiness and glee.

Cathy created the picture book after being inspired by her friend Sophie’s positive attitude during chemotherapy treatment. She said, “She was positive throughout her ordeal and always had a smile on her face.”

Having seen first-hand the impact mindfulness can have on children, Cathy is excited to help even more people through her book.

“The Jingle Jangle Girl teaches you to embrace the moment and take joy in what you are doing right now,” says Cathy.


It is so exciting to see such a positive brand for children, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Jingle-Jangle Girl.

Join the Jingle-Jangle Girl on her mindful, positive journey as she turns frowns into smiles and find out how she makes the local honeybees laugh- Click here to buy your copy today.

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