A dog with such a severe skin condition it looked like a pig is now hairy, healthy and enjoying life thanks to a national dog charity and Merseyside vet.

Happy Ending For Dog With Skin So Neglected She Looked Like a PigPiglet, a Staffordshire Bull-Terrier, who is around 3 years old, had a tough start to life.

Due to negligence and a poor standard of care on her original owner’s part, Piglet lost all her fur. She was almost completely bald, her skin was damaged and had even turned a brighter shade of pink – making her look just like her name would suggest. This was the very poor state Piglet was in when her owner took her into a vet in Liverpool and asked them to put her to sleep.

The vet saw what a sweet and friendly dog she was and felt confident they could treat her health issues. They talked the owner into signing the dog over to them to be treated and, when the time was right, rehomed.

Following her rescue, Piglet’s expensive treatment – a course of antibiotics lasting a number of weeks and medicated baths every other day – was entirely paid for by Finding Furever Homes, a volunteer-run dog rescue and rehoming charity.


Andrea Newton, Trustee for Finding Furever Homes, said, “Piglet’s original owner wanted her put to sleep because they didn’t want to pay for her treatment. Thankfully the vet stepped in to save her life and that is where we got involved – to help to make sure she had a chance of a new life in a furever home.”

Happy Ending For Dog With Skin So Neglected She Looked Like a PigNow the charity is thrilled to say Piglet, who was given her porcine name by the vet who saved her, has made a full recovery with a new owner and a fresh start in life, not to mention a new furry coat, now her hair has grown back!

Piglet’s new owner, James Tipping, a recent retiree who lives in Frankby, on the Wirral, said:

“To see Piglet now you wouldn’t recognise her from the dog I first came across. She has changed my life completely; she’s everything you would want from a dog. I’m so glad she was saved.”

Andrea added, “We’re so happy for Piglet with her new life and new home.

“She is testament to what can be achieved by proper care, and is just one example of the hundreds of dogs we have helped to rescue and rehome in the past few years. Now maybe all she needs is a new name!”


‪Finding Furever Homes have a number of dogs available for adoption. With any of their dogs, people are first asked to agree to be ‘Rescue Ready’ before approaching the charity to adopt. Click here to find out more.

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