The approaching summer is the time for adventures, trips and holidays.

Young Adventurer Heads Off on Charitable Road TripNiels Thomas decided to give his own trip across Europe additional meaning, by raising money for multiple charities across the countries he plans to visit on his 3-months record road trip.

Niels Thomas is the founder of The Road Trip Guy, an adventure fundraising project to set off on the 15th of May.

He will personally go on a 25,000 km long Eurotrip across countries including Poland, Norway, UK and Spain, and finally coming back to his starting point of Amsterdam. Niels plans on the trip to take three months and help raise money for 12 charities.


An adventurer from a very young age, Niels has been on amazing trips across continents, including UAE, Asia and North Africa. However, he now plans to go on the biggest European road trip in the history in his lime green Volkswagen 2.0 which he nicknamed Lazy Louie.

Niels‘ plan is to travel through 41 European countries in the period of 3 months. He is looking forward to learning more about the charities he’s helping but also about the countries they reside and cultures they work within. “I am really looking forward to meeting new people, exploring different cultures, tasting the local foods and creating lasting bonds and memories by sharing stories.“ Says Niels about his motivation for the trip.

Young Adventurer Heads Off on Charitable Road TripHe also wants to show the readers of his blog that road trips and adventures do not necessarily need to be expensive. Documenting the most efficient routes in the different countries, adding tips on cheap but comfortable accommodation and good local food, Niels wants to share his experience with his readers and encourage them to go on adventure as well.  He wants his followers to “better understand each others cultures and way of thinking“, and help bring back closer together currently divided Europe.

“By sharing my (and from the people that I meet) experiences we can al get a better understanding and why things are the way they are. The journey will give you insight on the motivation of others and hopefully bring some pleasant inspiration and education. I want to touch the humor, cultural, sensitive and emotional subjects to make sure I get a real insight and what is happening in the world today“ says Niels on his blog.

Niels is going to regularly update his blog and share stories as he makes his way across Europe. He also hopes he will get to meet some of his readers while traveling. He is still looking for both charities and sponsors before beginning his journey on 15th of May from Amsterdam. “I can’t wait for this adventure to begin – and raise some money for the amazing causes I’m planning to work with!” says Niels.

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