The Male Survivors Partnership, a panel of representatives from leading male sexual violence charities, has been created to support males who have experienced sexual violence.

The four members of the partnership – Survivors Manchester, Mankind UK, Safeline and Survivors UK, will on average, collectively receive 1500 referrals from males in the UK per year, and actively engage 2,500 men in counselling, with over a further 3000 telephone and online support.

By the end of the project, the partnership is expected to have 10 members, who will collectively directly support over 7500 male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation each year.

The two-year project, beginning May 2017, will see the development of new quality standards created and rolled out nationally across the UK. This will be done in partnership with LimeCulture Community Interest Company (CIC), a leading national sexual violence training and development organisation,

Crucially, funding from the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England & Wales, will also enable an accreditation process to sit alongside the quality standards. This funding will be used to support up to 10 organisations to meet the quality standards and reach full accreditation by 2019.

Stephanie Reardon, Joint Chief Executive at Lime Culture said, “This is a really exciting step forward for support services working with males who have experienced sexual violence”.

“For males who have experienced sexual violence these new standards and the accreditation process that goes with them, will give a layer of reassurance about the quality of the services they are accessing at a time when they are feeling most vulnerable.  They will have the knowledge that they will receive a nationally approved level of care and support – something they haven’t previously had.”

Click here for more information on the Male Survivors Partnership.


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