Iranthi and Jarkko were running a business in Melbourne when they were struck by a burning issue: they wanted their company to be more than just a profit driven machine; they wanted to be able to wake up with purpose. They wanted meaning.

Inventshift - Eradicating Poverty Through Intelligent Business

Iranthi and Jarkko set up Inventshift in 2016.

The answer they were looking for arrived when they discovered the concept of social enterprising (a business model in which part or all of profits earned are channelled into charitable causes) and in 2016 Inventshift was born.

Inventshift is a global resources hub that connects customers to service providers. They feature businesses ranging from Australia’s Mr. Barista’s Mobile Coffee Van to August Udoh – an independent photographer based in Lagos. Five percent of every booking made through Inventshift goes toward their mission of eradicating poverty through education.

They are currently connected to charity partners in Kenya, India and Bangladesh who are working with a focus in similar areas. In addition to this they also aim to educate people about social enterprise – they want to make it easier for others to get started in this new way of doing business (and have produced a detailed guide on where to begin).

You can join the Inventshift online marketplace or search for a service here. You can also find out more about the work Inventshift is doing to educate people about social enterprising on their blog and YouTube channel.

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