Staff at Maidment Court, an MHA retirement living complex in Poole, noticed that many of their residents were producing brilliant artworks at home without realising how impressive they were.

Retirement Home Help Residents Showcase their Artistic Talents

So they decided to host an exhibition to showcase their residents’ talents.

Retirement Home Help Residents Showcase their Artistic Talents

The exhibition was a chance for the passionate hobbyists to receive recognition for their talent from their Maidment Court neighbours and from the local community.

“It was lovely to find out that people we are living with were so talented. It was also a good way to get to know each other,” said Mrs Enid Gordon, a resident at residents at Maidment Court.

Maidment Court’s Senior Community Living Advisor, Wendy Griffiths, said, “We’re were thrilled to be able to host the exhibition as a big part of MHA’s philosophy is centred around being active in the local community.”



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