Teenagers are often thought of in negative terms, so we are always happy to highlight the incredible things young people are doing around the world.

Recently, we were told about three teenagers who are sending care packages to people in need.

Teens Create and Send Care Packages to People in NeedJayden, 17, together with his girlfriend Chloe and friend Izzy, have put together two sets of care packages- one for people suffering with mental health problems and the other for people suffering with chronic illnesses.

“I’m just a 17 year old guy wanting to help people suffering from similar things to me. I suffer with both which is why I would like to try and help other people out,” explains Jayden.

The mental health care packages have things like stress toys, tea, fluffy socks and colouring books in them, and the chronic illness packages have cute plasters, heat/ice packs and again fluffy socks and tea. Plus they will all have handmade positive thoughts notebooks inside.

Knowing that everyone is unique and will find different things helpful, Jayden explains how they will try to make the care packages as helpful as possible: “We hope to customise each package a bit to the person we are sending it to e.g. if someone doesn’t find something useful we can switch it to something they do.”

If you would like to support these three caring, motivated teenagers please click here to visit their GoFundMe page– they are very close to hitting their target!

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