The current climate of health care in the USA is one of fear, worry and uncertainty. At the moment, things seem to have settled down, but how long will that last? It’s hard to know for certain, and that can be stressful. However, despite what is happening within the government, there are still places to go to find really helpful health care services.

The world can seem bleak and scary at times, but there are also so many lights and wonderful people who are willing to donate their time and expertise to help others — you just have to know where to find them. Below is a list of awesome charitable health services that go above and beyond to help those in need.

  1. The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics

Believing that everyone should have access to quality healthcare, the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics was developed in 2001 by medical providers and organizers. These clinics receive little to no federal or state funding, so they partner with private and nonprofit companies to ensure that patients get the care and treatment they need, as well as the medications that will make them healthy — while allowing them to keep their dignity and humanity.

  1. Miracle Flights

This foundation provides air travel to children and their families who need to travel to a different state for medical treatment — at no cost to them. There is no limit to the amount of times a family can fly. They have been around since 1985, and have received numerous nonprofit awards and helped countless low-income families.

  1. The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for Children

This foundation was founded in 1925 to take care of those who were left behind when soldiers went to war — wives, children, sisters, brothers, mothers, etc. — so that they could stay together and find support. Today, the needs of veterans have changed, and the foundation has evolved too. It does what it can to help with post-traumatic stress, reintegration and unemployment, among other issues.

Families have the opportunity to live on the campus for up to 4 years and have access to a variety of different services, including life skills training and professional case management services. The foundation serves families who are veterans and descendants of the VFW (including the Ladies Auxiliary) or are families of active-duty personnel.

  1. Cleaning for a Reason

If you’re a woman undergoing cancer treatment in the U.S. or Canada, this foundation offers free, professional maid services. Their goal is to ensure that women can focus on getting healthy instead of worrying about maintaining their homes. Many local cleaning services participate in this organization to support the cause and the women who are fighting the toughest battle of their lives.

  1. Strength for Life

Located in New York, this nonprofit was founded to provide cancer patients and survivors a chance to participate in exercise programs to boost their recovery process. Studies have shown that by engaging in exercise, a patient’s quality of life and physical functioning can be improved. Strength for Life hopes to give the benefits of exercise to those battling and recovering from cancer.

  1. 4 Paws for Ability

Dogs are amazing animals, and they provide us with companionship and unconditional love. They also have the ability to save our lives and increase the independence of those with disabilities.

4 Paws for Ability’s mission is to provide service dogs to children and veterans who need extra help. Children have been placed with Autism Assistance Dogs and Mobility Assistance Dogs to improve their health and well-being, and veterans have received dogs who help them with everything from retrieving everyday items to standing and various other needs.

  1. Meals on Wheels

This foundation was developed so that seniors could receive low- or no-cost meals in their homes. Thousands of nonprofits and volunteer groups across the nation work hard to ensure that homebound seniors have access to food.

7 Awesome Charitable Health Services available in the USA

While Meals on Wheels mainly focuses on seniors, there are other organizations in the U.S. that focus on providing meals for patients who are dealing with life-threatening diseases or other medical conditions. No matter the condition, the goal of these organizations is to make sure no one goes hungry.

The future of healthcare might be uncertain, but the human desire to help others in need will remain strong. There are numerous organizations and nonprofits across the country that work tirelessly to ensure that those who need it the most are taken care of.


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