Scarlet Ladies, a women’s community groups which works to destigmatise conversations centred around women’s sexuality, is soon launching their new campaign, #ITalkSex.

The campaign, which is to be officially launched on the 23rd August at 23 Paul Street, London, seizes on the power of conversation to facilitate a celebration of women’s bodies, an acceptance of their desires, and an end to the prejudice, ignorance and stereotypes which affect women on a daily basis. As the campaign says, ‘we are helping women everywhere find the confidence and empowerment to accept and love themselves for who they really are.’

All women are encouraged to come to the campaign launch; from date rape victims, to women kept as her partners sex slave, plus all the women out their determined to raise strong and self aware daughters; there is no-one who cannot join in this celebration of women.

Jannette Davies, the co-founder of Scarlet Ladies, says, ‘As women, we all know we need to invest time in our careers, responsibilities, relationships and friendships – but how often do we invest time in ourselves? The #ITalkSex campaign helps women from all backgrounds to open their minds, accept and celebrate themselves for the beautiful, sexual human beings that they are.’

The campaign launch will include a photo exhibition displaying works by Faby and Carlo, official partners of the #ITalkSex campaign. Faby and Carlo are boudoir photographers who, through their photography, celebrate the bodies and lives of all women.

Furthermore, there will be tours given of 23 Paul Street, the official home of Scarlet Ladies as well as a house of strip tease based around the concept of empowerment and celebration of the female body. Every Tuesday from 5:00 until 10:00pm there are meetings held here for Scarlet Ladies members, offering a safe community to openly talk about sex regardless of sexual orientation.

Scarlet Ladies was founded by Jannette Davies and Sarah Beilfuss, who believe that, ‘there can be no true empowerment for women as individuals, and no true gender equality, as long as that part of our personal identity remains hidden or repressed.’ Since it’s founding, Scarlet Ladies has been a massive success. Kate is one person who has benefited from the weekly meetings that are held at 23 Paul Street. She says about the experience, ‘It feels like a safe, friendly space in which to explore a really important area of our lives alongside lots of other lovely people.’

Clubs like Scarlet Ladies are becoming increasingly popular.21, ‘It is perhaps little wonder that there is a growing appetite…women of all ages have the opportunity to bring their sex lives out from under the covers, without fear of judgement.’

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