“We all hear a lot of bad news about the refugee crisis and we see lots of shocking and harrowing videos and of course there is a lot of sadness and suffering…..  but there is also some joy and positivity,” says Pru Waldorf, Co- Founder of weareone: collective.

weareone are a grassroots collective trying to help tackle social injustice one step at a time. They spread a message of tolerance and positivity by delivering participatory projects on the ground in refugee camps in Europe and by awareness raising events, citizen workshops and volunteer training and support in the UK.

The above video is a stop frame animation made in a refugee camp in Greece with children who are refugees and being detained indefinitely.

This animation was part of a psycho-social program aimed at creating something fun, a way for the children to share their own stories through a medium that appealed to them. The process was guided by what they wanted to say and share and reflected the positivity and resilience of the children.

Click here to find out more about how you can get involved with weareone: collective.

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