Dr. Andrew Albert, a gastroenterologist at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, is taking social media by storm with a powerful message: #BackOffColonCancer.

Chicago Doctor Inspires Global Movement: #BackOffColonCancerAfter losing a patient to colon cancer and later finding a tumour in another patient who should have had a colonoscopy years earlier, he took action by securing a homemade sign to his back to display on his bike ride home.

I felt like I was losing ground and just said ‘enough,’” says Dr. Albert.

He posted a photo of that ride on Twitter, where it’s been inspiring others to do the same, learn more about when to be screened for colon cancer, and share stories of how prevention can save lives. The movement has spread around Chicago, the nation and the world, including Bahrain, Turkey, Israel and Japan!

If you are on Twitter, please click here to check out Dr Albert’s account and please do share his message with your followers.

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