School holidays are not just a break from the classroom. For many, they are also a break from regular hot meals.

In the UK, more than 1.2 million pupils who may otherwise go without are eligible to receive free school meals. Outside of term time though, free school meals are not available and many pupils are left without regular hot food.

This is where MakeLunch comes in.

More than 10,000 Free Meals Given to Children During Summer HolidaysDuring school holidays, the MakeLunch network of churches and community groups open Lunch Kitchens across the UK to provide free, healthy, cooked food for pupils who usually receive free school meals.

This summer, the MakeLunch team ran 84 Lunch Kitchens across the UK, feeding more than 10,000 meals to 2,366 children.

MakeLunch doesn’t stop at just providing meals- they also organise free trips to museums, skate parks, the beach and BBQs. Click here to find out more.

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