Two elderly doggie sisters who found themselves homeless in 2017 ended the year on a high after seeing in the New Year with their new family in their forever home!

Fourteen-year-old Jack Russells Molly and Polly, who had never spent a day apart since they were born, found themselves at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury after a change in circumstances sadly meant they could no longer stay with their family.

New home for the New Year for devoted elderly doggie duo sisters

When they arrived at the Telford rehoming centre the team hoped they’d be rehomed together, but they knew this wouldn’t be easy.

Louise Campbell, Manager at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury, says older dogs often get overlooked, as do dogs that need to be rehomed with a canine companion.

“Molly and Polly are so inseparable, we knew straight away we needed to find them a home together, but we were also very aware it can be more difficult to find homes for elderly dogs, especially when they come as a pair. Although they were loving life and getting lots of TLC from the team and volunteers, we just wanted to find them their perfect retirement home where they could cosy up together and enjoy their home comforts. Then the Parkin family came along!” said Louise.

The twosome had been waiting for almost four months when John and Diane Parkin and their daughter Phoebe and son Felix, read about them. They immediately headed to the rehoming centre to meet them, hoping they were a perfect match.

New home for the New Year for devoted elderly doggie duo sisters

Diane is thrilled to be able to give Molly and Polly a forever home

Explaining why the family were keen to meet them, Diane said, “Our hearts went out to Molly and Polly – we couldn’t bear the thought of them spending their final years without a family of their own so we knew we had to go and meet them. We had our fingers crossed that we were their ideal family and luckily we turned out to be just what they were looking for!

“They are wonderful. They love getting out and about and running around even though they are older. They are very affectionate, love cuddles and just make us smile every day. A dog is definitely for life and Molly and Polly have certainly found their forever home with us. We feel very lucky.”


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