It’s every hosts nightmare: a complete no-show from all guests.

But it’s not something you’d expect for a children’s party.

Sadly it’s something Leyana experienced, when no one came to her 7th birthday party.

No one, except for the actress who was hired to portray Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Lindsay Robert, whose job of dressing up as Elsa and appearing at birthday parties is usually “filled with pure joy”, shared Leyana’s story on Facebook.

“It was soul crushing. This shy and soft-spoken girl had put on her best dress and waited. And waited.

“I told her that she was kind, brave, and smart… all things every princess has in spades. She didn’t cry when I left, but I wonder if she did after I’d gone,”  Lindsay said on Facebook.

To give Leyana a boost, Lindsay is sending her a fairy garden “so she can plant something and make it grow. Because Elsa will never let you down.

Lindsay’s Facebook post was met with a huge response, with lots of people wanting to do something for Leyana. 

She has since been back, taking her ‘sister’, an actress who plays Anna, and she has another surprise in store for Leyana…

Click here to keep an eye out for any further updates on what Lindsay and Leyana get up to together.

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