A dog left tied to a tree with a note around its neck was luckily found in time, and has been adopted by a new family.

Zeus was found tied to a tree with a note attached to his collar and a bag of food nearby.

The handwritten note said: “I am a very good dog. My owner just can’t afford me anymore. She tried to find me a home but nobody would take me.”

The Prince George County Animal Shelter posted photos of the 2-year-old German shepherd, Labrador mix called Zeus, and he was quickly adopted by a new family.

“Zeus’ new family are wonderful pet owners who will give Zeus the kind of home that loves him for life this time,” the shelter said on Facebook.

The shelter urged pet owners in the area to get in touch with them if they are struggling financially or in other ways, instead of just leaving their pet to – hopefully – be found later.

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