Four adorable but unwanted donkey foals have landed on their hooves after they were brought into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary.

Donkey Foals Find Their Sanctuary After Being Taken into Care

The four friends have found their new home at The Donkey Sanctuary after their owner had a sudden change in circumstances and was unable to take care of them. Fortunately the owner contacted the animal welfare charity who were able to take them into their care.

The donkeys – called Happiness, Geoffrey, Nincompoop and Bill – will remain in the New Arrivals part of the sanctuary as they undergo tests and treatments to prepare them for life at the Sanctuary. The young donkeys are not used to being handled, so the charity’s experienced grooms are helping them settle in and giving them the love and care they so desperately deserve.

Donkey Foals Find Their Sanctuary After Being Taken into Care

“It’s a wonderful thing we can do for these young donkeys whose futures looked uncertain – give them a safe and loving home for the rest of their lives,” said Mark Kerr, Donkey Welfare Adviser at The Donkey Sanctuary. “Owning donkeys can be a hugely rewarding experience and a wonderful privilege, however they require caring and compassionate management to ensure they lead healthy and enriched lives. The Donkey Sanctuary and its welfare advisers are always on hand to offer any support and advice that owners may need.”

As with all donkeys who come into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary, the group will go through routine health checks. They will also be visited by a farrier, receive any vaccinations that are needed, and will be given a settling in period on their own before being introduced to a suitable herd for a safe and secure future.

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