When Adam and Alex Mason crossed the finish line at the London Marathon this year, they hoped it would mark the final steps in another journey they were on.

The couple ran the London Marathon to raise money for The Children’s Society, the charity Adam was adopted through as a baby.

After the nerves and excitement of running the marathon, the couple had a little while longer to wait to hear the news of whether their dream to become adoptive parents will turn into a reality.

Adam, 38, was adopted through The Children’s Society at a young age and has supported the charity ever since, regularly donating and even organising and an auction of gifts with his wife at their wedding reception.

Last year he ran the London Marathon in impressive four hours and 43 minutes and raised £2,300 for the charity.

This year, Adam and his wife Alex, a teacher and novice runner, raised more than £2,500.

Couple Take On Marathon Journey to Adoption

Photo: Adam & Alex’s JustGiving Page

Adam had an incredibly positive experience of being adopted as a child and has always felt passionate about supporting vulnerable children and young people who may not have had such a good start in life.

After his own adoption experience the couple wanted to embark on an adoption journey to become parents themselves.

The final stage of the approval process was the day after the Marathon – and it was a YES!

The Children’s Society no longer runs adoption schemes but continues to support vulnerable children and young people in a number of ways through local services and campaigning on their behalf.

“Last year Adam took the London Marathon journey by himself, and I stood on the side lines cheering him on. This year we wanted to make that journey together, although I am not a natural runner and he might have to drag me over the finish line!” said Alex. “The charity has been part of Adam’s journey since birth, they gave him his family. We see them a beacon of hope and an illustration of how positive placements and positive influences can and do have a positive impact on the lives of young people.

“Our journey to getting our own family stared with a step and we worked out we will be running about 55,000 steps on marathon day.  Hopefully, our last step to getting our family will happen close to this time as well. Completion is not just about getting over the finish line, it is going to be the start of our next journey, too.”

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