A Salford brain injury charity’s work is being replicated by a hospital in China to help rehabilitate people there with acquired brain injury. The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC), has been selected by Chinese business investors as a model to be replicated at the Jinan Minzu Hospital, Jinan Province, China.

The development came following a visit from the business investors last year who were so impressed with the facilities at BASIC’s Centre they are now planning to establish a facility using the same equipment, virtual reality technology and operating model as the charity’s.

“We are delighted that BASIC’s model being noticed, it has been replicated in the south of England as well in Oslo, Norway and now China,” said BASIC’s CEO Wendy Edge. “It is a great compliment, especially as we are a small charity with a moderate turnover that is having a far-reaching impact. All of BASIC’s services have developed over the last thirty years from asking patients what is needed on their long journey of recovery but is missing on return home from hospital. The charity has invested in state of the art virtual reality technology and has a wrap-around service which makes a real and lasting difference to quality of life for people recovering from a brain or spinal injury”.

In the UK, there are estimated to be ten million people with a neurological injury or illness.

Head injuries are a current hot topic in sport with Peru’s Jefferson Farfan ruled out of their final group match at the 2018 World Cup due to a head injury. This is being focused on by various governing bodies seeking to draw attention to the risks to both professional and amateur players.

Both the Football Association and World Rugby have highlighted the risk of brain injury to contact sport players, who are more likely to suffer injury, such as concussion, than those in other non-contact versions of the games.

BASIC work with around 500 people a year recovering from brain injury and neurological conditions. Find out more about the work BASIC do by visiting their website.

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