A family from Derby has been reunited with their long-lost ginger cat after five years of heartbreak thanks to his microchip.

Family Reunited With Their Long-Lost Ginger Cat After Five Years of Heartbreak

Elliot, aged five, with Samson

Samson went missing in October 2013 and, since then, Hannah Guy never gave up hope of finding him again.

Her faith was restored last month when she received a call from Cats Protection’s Derby Adoption Centre saying Samson had been handed in.

“I was so surprised and overwhelmed that it took a while for it to sink in,” said Hannah.

“When we moved house in June 2013 one of the first things we did was to update Samson’s chip details, we even did this when our mobile numbers changed. I’m so glad we did otherwise we never would have been reunited.

“We tried everything to find him, from registering him as ‘missing’ with the microchip database, making and delivering 200 leaflets and, nearly five years on, driving past our old house on the off-chance he made his way back there.

“The whole family is so relieved to have Samson back, especially my two boys Oliver, seven, and five-year-old Elliot.

“Oliver was heartbroken when Samson went missing and helped to deliver the leaflets. To see them all together again is so heartwarming.”

Family Reunited With Their Long-Lost Ginger Cat After Five Years of Heartbreak

Oliver helped look for Samson when he was just 2 years old (left), and is now delighted to be reunited with Samson

In Samson’s absence, Hannah had adopted another rescue cat called Bo 18 months ago who fortunately welcomed Samson home like a long-lost friend.

This lovely reunion highlights just how important microchipping is, as well as keeping the microchip up to date.

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