Three-year-old triplets Harvey, Gabriel and Daniel have started school at Langside, the specialist school run by Dorset charity Diverse Abilities. All three boys have profound disabilities and life has been very hard for the family, but with support from Langside, this is now changing.

Triplets Show That No Matter What Life Throws At You There Is Always Time For a Smile

Rob, Chantel and son Josh with the triplets. Photo: Millard Photography

“In 2015 my wife, Chantel, and I found out we were expecting a new addition to our family,” Dad, Rob Emery, said. “We were quite surprised, as she had previously been told that she wouldn’t be able to have children following an accident leaving her paraplegic. Just over a month later we learnt that we were expecting twins. At a later appointment the doctor informed us that there were three little ones!

“On 28 June 2015, and at only 26 weeks old, we saw the arrival of not just three, but four little guys that would change our lives forevermore – Bradley, Daniel, Gabriel and Harvey.”

Sadly, little Bradley succumbed to a blood clot and left the family at just 16 days old. The family were left with a sore heart and no time to grieve as they had three warriors in hospital and older kids at home.

“At this point my wife, Chantel, and I sat down and made a commitment to each other that we would take each day as it came,” Rob continued.

Triplets Show That No Matter What Life Throws At You There Is Always Time For a Smile

Harvey enjoying rebound therapy. Photo: Millard Photography

Nearly six months after they were all born, the three boys went home – just in time for Christmas. During the next few months Rob and Chantel learnt more about each of their son’s conditions. But they didn’t know where to turn to help the boys and began their journey of meeting specialists and relentlessly asking for help.

“We were so pleased to find Langside. I knew the day I walked into the school this was the place for our family.  It felt like a light at the end of the tunnel. Before Diverse Abilities and Langside School we were winging it, now we’re getting support.  There’s always someone to talk to – it’s made our lives 100 times easier,” said Rob.

Nicki, the boys’ teacher at Langside School is thrilled with the progress the boys are making. “Already, we’ve seen so many improvements,” she said. “Harvey can sit, Gabriel’s high tone is de-creasing and he can open his hand, and Daniel is one of the happiest little people with a contagious laugh.

“Harvey loves the rebound therapy on the trampoline, Gabriel likes story time, bubbles and the Langside cuddles and Daniel really loves time in the hydrotherapy pool.”

Triplets Show That No Matter What Life Throws At You There Is Always Time For a Smile

Gabriel likes story time, bubbles and the Langside cuddles. Photo: Millard Photography

It’s hard to imagine a happier and more positive family than the Emery’s. “Our boys are true heroes. They have to endure their own challenges everyday but still manage to smile and make everyone at home smile each and every day.  Our boys show that no matter what life throws at you there is always time for a smile,” said Rob.

And the family’s hopes for the future? “We are taking it one day at a time,” comments Rob.

To hear more about the triplet’s story and support the work of Diverse Abilities, please click here or call 01202 718266.


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