A painfully thin mare rescued from a field in Hertfordshire has made an amazing recovery thanks to the care of Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Irish Draft horse, Carmen, who is believed to be about 15 years old, is now enjoying a new and happy life at the charity’s Ada Cole Visitor Centre, near Harlow in Essex, following her arrival in April 2018.

Rescued Mare's Life is Transformed at Horse Sanctuary

Carmen was painfully thin when she was rescued from a field in Hertfordshire in April 2018.

Redwings’ Senior Field Officer Jo Franklin, alongside the RSPCA and the police, removed Carmen with two younger ponies from a field in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, who were discovered in a very poor condition.

Rescued Mare's Life is Transformed at Horse Sanctuary

After immediate vet treatment, she travelled to Redwings Ada Cole to continue her recovery.

Carmen was extremely thin, her legs were bloodied from horrific leg mites, her feet were overgrown and she was covered in lice.

Rescued Mare's Life is Transformed at Horse Sanctuary

Carmen now 🙂

She was sent to nearby Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic for immediate treatment, before being transported to Redwings Ada Cole to continue her recovery, while the two younger ponies were taken into the care of the RSPCA.

Now less than six months later, Carmen has transformed from a nervous and woefully neglected new arrival into a happy and friendly horse. Due to the damage caused to her legs from having gone without treatment for mites for so long, she is likely to need special care for the rest of her life. But now Redwings has offered Carmen a safe home for life, she’ll always be under the watchful eye of the charity’s vets and she’ll never have to fear going hungry again.

“To look at Carmen now, you would hardly believe it is the same horse! She was so thin when she first arrived that you could see her bones protruding through her winter coat,” said Senior Field Officer Jo Franklin.

Redwings has pledged Carmen a safe, forever home.

Redwings will give Carmen a safe, forever home.

“Happily, Carmen has made a fantastic recovery and is proving a hugely popular resident among supporters and residents alike. It just goes to show how quickly a horse’s life can turnaround with good care and, through offering Carmen a forever home at the Sanctuary, we pledge to keep her safe, happy and healthy for the rest of her days.”

The RSPCA team are thrilled to see the improvement in Carmen. “I’m delighted that Carmen is doing so well,” said RSPCA inspector Sian Ridley.

“The RSPCA sadly has to rescue hundreds of horses every year, but I’ll never forget when we first found Carmen suffering with horrific mites and infections on her legs in a muddy field in the pouring rain.

“She had two youngsters with her who were so frightened, but Carmen was always very calm and sweet.

“She’s a lovely mare who didn’t deserve to go through such horrible neglect.

“Thankfully as a team we worked to rescue the horses and get them urgent treatment, and I’m pleased to say that through the RSPCA one of the youngsters has now found a loving new home, and the second has been reserved which is wonderful news.

“It’s the best part of my job to see rescued animals go on to be adopted and I’m sure all the visitors to Redwings Ada Cole are going to love Carmen, she’s certainly set for a wonderful life at the Sanctuary with the Redwings team.”

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