Slowing down to appreciate the small but special things in our day to day lives can help us make the most from each day. But it can be difficult to do sometimes, especially when you have a long list of things you feel you have to get done.

If you will be in Brighton in the next few weeks and appreciate art, you are in for a treat – one that might help you slow down and appreciate the moment.

Brighton & Hove have partnered with Martlets Hospice and Wind in Art to create an art trail around Brighton.

The event, aptly named Snailspace features 50 uniquely designed giant snail sculptures placed in various locations around Brighton and Hove. Each snail is designed and sponsored by a local artist and business.

The campaign asks you to #BeMoreSnail, meaning to slow down and truly enjoy things that make you happy. To help you on your journey along the trail the campaign released an app, and each sculpture will be accompanied by a team of volunteer Route Masters who will be available every weekend to answer questions and offer any assistance.

#BeMoreSnail By Slowing Down and Enjoying Life with Snailspace

Photo: Snailspace / Martlets

The 50 sculptures are joined by over 50 smaller snails which are part of a Junior Snailway. These are all designed and decorated by local schools and youth groups and will be on display around the city.

#BeMoreSnail By Slowing Down and Enjoying Life with Snailspace

The Junior Snailway Launch. Photo: Snailspace / Martlets

The Snailway is running from the 15th September 2018 until the 18th of November 2018, after which the snails will be brought together for a farewell event and then auctioned to raise funds for Martlets hospice, a charity formed in 1997 through the merger of three hospices.

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