A pilot project to help tenants facing Council Tax debt has been launched in Cornwall.

It is hoped that some initial extra help and funding for tenants struggling with this particular debt will help them take big steps forward in many different ways.

“Staff from Coastline Housing, Liverty and Ocean know that Council Tax debt is a challenge for tenants struggling with other debts,” said Cathy Hadfield of Coastline Housing about the pilot project set up by the three organisations together with the local council. ”We are working with Cornwall Council’s Revenues and Assessment Team to offer extra help with funding and affordable repayment plans. The project also offers advice on getting back into work and training to improve tenants’ long term circumstances.”

It can sometimes be hard to control and keep track of the amount of debt you have and it can be especially difficult if you are balancing different types of debt, such as a mortgage or water bills.

This new project aims to allow residence to take control and settle their debts with the help and guidance provided by people who have the financial knowledge. The project exerts this by offering extra help with funding, affordable repayment plans and even advice on how residents can get back into work if they have previously left work.

“We know that our tenants can feel confused and overwhelmed by problems caused by debt, especially when they owe money to multiple organisations,” said Ian Stephens, Head of Revenues and Assessment at Cornwall Council. “This pilot seeks to remove that confusion by offering a single point of access to a wide range of help and support. It’s hoped that a partnership approach which seeks to address housing related debt and keep people secure in their homes, will provide a stable basis on which tenants feel confident to take further steps to improve their long term financial and personal circumstances.”

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