Some people are so easy to buy Christmas presents for. You know exactly what they value. It’s a pleasure choosing a gift for them. And you always want to be there when they open it, just to see their face light up.

Then there are the others. The difficult ones… the ones who have you scratching your head year after year.

£1.4 billion is set to be squandered

According to one recent survey, 60 million unwanted gifts are set to be received this Christmas. Another estimates that around £1.4 billion will be wasted. (When you consider that, in its entire 30-year history, Red Nose Day has raised just over £1 billion, it shows how huge £1.4 billion is).

Conventional gift cards aren’t always the answer

Of course, one option is to resort to gift cards or tokens. That way, the recipient can pick out their own present. But, even so, your money could still be wasted.

Around 7 million people have been caught out. They’ve failed to use their gift card before it’s expired or the retailer has gone bust. That number is only going to grow larger.

And, according to the UK’s gift card industry’s own trade association, around 10% of value on cards goes unused, with upwards of £300 million being squandered each year.

There’s no risk of any money being wasted with the universal charity gift card

A great alternative is the universal charity gift card from For Good Causes. You can buy one online, load it up with as much money as you want, and give it to anyone. They can then donate the funds to any UK registered charity.

If they forget to use it, For Good Causes, won’t keep the money. Instead, at the end of the year, the money will be donated to a nominated charity. So, whatever happens, you can be sure your money will always go to a good cause.

“It’s the first and only universal charity gift card in the UK with 14,000 on our platform to choose from” said Wendy Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at For Good Causes. “Enabling someone to support a cause they are truly passionate about, something that is really close to their heart, is a truly inspired gift. We call it the gift of giving”.

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