This year, two charities in Italy gained financial resources. What sets these places apart is their mission to assist children with disabilities who live in low-income situations. The Julius Springer Charitable Fund supplied them with 25,000 euros, which amounts to over 28,000 U.S. dollars. Springer Nature, a leading academic publishing company, is linked to this fund, and the company is known for its dedication to accessible research and discovery.

According to UNICEF, disabilities can occur more often with people living in poverty than among those in higher socio-economic situations. Because of this global dilemma, Springer Nature’s efforts powerfully affected lives and provided valuable help.

In the past, Springer Nature has served people who are struggling and can’t seem to find a way out of their circumstances. Germany is the main location where it supports people in need of aid, but the company also reaches out to different countries each year. The additional locations are places where Springer Nature has other offices, which are all around the world in 50 different countries.

In 2018, the company decided to partner with two charities in Milan and their efforts to provide therapy to low-income children with certain disabilities. Employees at Springer Nature collaborated with the charity workers to find those who needed immediate treatment. These Italian organizations were able to achieve more with the influx of money, and several urgent situations were attended to.

Funding was set aside for children with certain early childhood developmental disorders, but they also included older children and teens in their endeavor. The charities they partnered with were Terapia Multisistemica in Acqua and L’abilità, which each help children with disabilities in unique ways.

Terapia Multisistemica in Acqua

The first charity that Springer Nature worked with is a group that provides multisystemic water therapy. This aquatic therapy system works well with children who have autism because the therapy includes social, emotional and behavioral lessons. However, this method also treats people with anxiety, ADHD, mental health disorders, brain injuries and other physical limitations. The children work on developing their skills with a trained therapist, which helps them learn motor and sensory functions.


The second charity that Springer Nature decided to team up with was L’abilità, a group founded by parents of children with disabilities and others committed to their care. This nongovernmental organization defends the rights of those with disabilities. It is looking to increase inclusion in classrooms and integrate children with disabilities in social settings.

Children with disabilities often need accommodations in the classroom to help them learn more effectively. In the past, classrooms have separated children with disabilities from their peers to streamline learning, but places like L’abilità are pushing for more resources and accessibility. Its efforts extend beyond the classroom, too, to play and residency. They also support families with services and projects.

Results of the Funding

A number of Springer Nature employees are close to people who have children with disabilities, and they were already familiar with these charities before the company as a whole got involved. The fund provided 17 families with essential therapy and treatments for their children. The company was appreciative of the chance to touch these families’ lives.

The Julies Springer Charitable Fund started in 2004, but Springer Nature has accomplished other charitable projects, too. Two of their imprints, Apress and Palgrave, took initiative to contribute to refugee-related programs in 2017. Apress raised money for nonprofit organizations, and Palgrave briefly launched a refugee crisis website with accessible information and research to inform the public.

The next target for the Julius Springer Charitable Fund is Poland, where many children are struggling with critical conditions, but the following years will likely see effective service and aid. These Italian charities accomplished more with the financial contribution of this company, changing the lives of many families.

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