Rounders England have launched a national Rounders competition for university teams, which is aimed at broadening social circles and creating a fun way to keep active.

The non-profit organisation has put together a programme of events and competitions, which is made up of open contests for primary, secondary and independent schools and a special ‘Rounders Tour’ for universities.

Community teams and leagues are also being encouraged to get involved by taking part in Roundersfest, a series of standalone open competitions for local teams that play in local leagues or for new teams formed by groups of friends. There’s also Champion of Champions too, where the winners of leagues from across the country (both ladies and mixed) have the chance to battle it out for the prestigious Champion of Champions title.

Rounders England Launch Events That Will Bring As Much Fun As You Can Shake Your Bat At!

All of the activities are designed to both broaden social circles and create a fun way to keep active, while fostering team spirit and creating a sense of competition amongst teams.

“The programme that we have developed is one which has two strands around team spirit and winning and the social and fun aspects of Rounders to complement the cross-generational, cross-gender game that embraces all abilities,” said Dan Newton, Rounders England. You don’t have to be the fittest, the youngest or the most athletic. You just have to go out and play.”

“The social aspect of Rounders is a key ingredient in its success. Rounders provides opportunities for people to meet others, have fun, make friends, play in a friendly environment and be part of a team.” 

Teams, new and old, can register their interest in taking part here.

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