You want to spend your free time doing something fulfilling, but where do you begin?

There are a huge number of charities and organisations you can volunteer at and today we are shining a spotlight to The Crisis Project!

Read the interview below to find out more about the ambitious maths student and ways you can get involved.  

Before Lockdown

I was in the first year of my mathematics degree. I’ve actually always wanted to launch a non-profit: I initially set up The Crisis Project in August 2019, I had the name, website and branding but never actually launched because my first year of university was such a whirlwind. The lockdown brought on by Covid-19 left me with a lot of time, and I thought it was the perfect time to relaunch the non-profit and spread some love. The idea of The Crisis Project was always to be an umbrella organisation, under which we would run several smaller projects.

The Idea

The project Letters For The NHS, our flagship initiative, came to me on a walk at the end of April. I was so excited and immediately called my best friend and told her… Within 2 days the project was up and running, and ready to go. The project allows volunteers to write bespoke letters of support for key workers during the pandemic , I felt that although Clap For Carers is a fantastic initiative, we as the public could do so much more for the healthcare workers holding together the nation. We’ve recently expanded the project to write to ALL key workers (not just NHS) and all I want is to reach as many key workers as possible and make them feel valued.

We have received such a wonderful response from key workers so far, many of them have told us how our letters have made it mentally easier to get through a hard day at work.

Call To Action

We ask for members of the public to nominate any key workers they know to receive a letter of support. The public can also sign up to volunteer themselves and will be assigned to a key worker to write to. Finally, we urge people to follow us at @thecrisisproject on Instagram and share our initiative so we can reach as many people as possible.

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