We’re always reminiscing about our schooldays and the wonderful summer holidays, with those times being some of the best days of our lives for many of us. The nostalgia of those moments just gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Remembering the stupid pranks we pulled on each other, the games we invented that we genuinely think should be played worldwide, missing all our favourite teachers, missing our friends and even missing all the fights. All these things have shaped us and gives us so much joy.

Due to Covid-19, our kids are missing out on a lot of those happy experiences as we’re all staying at home. But there is a way to ensure that they come out of this crisis as stronger, smarter and more empathetic people. A number of organisations around the UK are offering summer activities for children before schools reopen (or don’t) in September and we’ve narrowed down the five best ones that will certainly make your kids nostalgic in years to come.

1. Achievement for All (AFA) School Readiness Summer Programme

AFA has created a programme to ensure that our kids stay productively occupied this summer, and that they continue to learn and engage with the environment just before school begins again. This is a free and downloadable programme designed to support families to provide meaningful and high- impact activities for children, especially focusing on children with disadvantaged backgrounds. The programme aims to prepare children for the world of work and helping to establish them as well- rounded individuals. Focusing on three core aspects of development; ‘character’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘skills’, it helps children improve on these aspects by covering reading and writing skills through describing their feelings and emotions, numerical skills by asking children to manage money and budgets, skills on managing information effectively through spotting “fake news” and interviewing people, and various other interesting activities. The programme truly helps the child to become a better version of themselves and helps them thrive, even when there is a global pandemic going around.

2. Celebs Read Roald Dahl

With gadgets and social media all around them, it’s often hard to get kids into reading. But the world of fantasy and books is such an important one, and so essential for creativity and imagination. So, what better way to immerse kids into the world of books than having them read by their favourite movie characters! Filmmaker Taika Waititi, also the director of ‘Thor Ragnarok’ teamed up with an amazing line-up of celebrities to read ‘James and the Giant Peach’ in 10 episodes on YouTube, in order to raise money for Partner in Health. Celebs joining Taika are Cate Blanchett (Hela in ‘Thor’), Liam Hemsworth (Gale from ‘The Hunger Games’), Ryan Reynolds (‘Deadpool’) and many other kid-favourite celebs.

3. Joe Wicks Fitness Workouts

Staying cramped up at home for highly energised little ones is not a good idea. That is why Joe Wicks is here to save the day, by continuing his PE workouts even over the summer. Joe’s cheery spirit and fun workout is the perfect way to get your kid either out of his slump, or get him to tire all the adrenaline out. Nuffield Health also has a free animal-inspired workout that includes crabs, bear crawls and dead flies. There couldn’t be more reasons to try fitness out with your kid.

4. Tate Kids

Tate has always been there to nurture your kids’ artistic talents. But over the summer, they have added tons of new activities and quizzes to really get your kid’s creative juices flowing. With several new activities such as drawing a sound creature, making play dough sculptures and wave paintings, and street art games, an artistic genius will be born of your kid. Stay updated on their website as they’re always adding fun, new, free art activities and games to take your children on an art adventure.

5. Save the Children Fun Summer Activities

Save the Children has come up with various new activities to keep up children’s wonderful imagination. Working with early learning experts, they have curated a list of creative activities to incorporate into your child’s lockdown schedule that includes den building, dancing and even cooking with Jamie Oliver. All the activities are completely free online and will definitely hone your kid’s abilities an all-rounder. With fun dance playlists and art challenges, there’s nothing that could bore your child. The most important thing is to keep our children safe from the effects of the coronavirus crisis and Save the Children’s initiative is doing just that.

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