Finding love is something most of us hope for, but dating with a disability (or when you’re a busy carer) can be really challenging. This Valentine’s Day, we’d like to celebrate by sharing these stories of love, which have blossomed at Revitalise’s Respite Centres.

Revitalise specialise in providing fantastic holidays and great times for disabled people and their carers.

Stories of Love That Have Blossomed at Respite Centres

From Friendship Comes Love

Carl Ashcroft and Tracey Stewart first met 15 years ago at Revitalise Sandpipers. They became friends and started to regularly coordinate their visits to the centre, before becoming a couple.

In June 2015, Revitalise were delighted to witness a very special occasion as Carl took their relationship to the next level, proposing to Tracey at the place where it all began.

“I really wanted to be surrounded by friends when I asked for Tracey’s hand,” Carl said. “Tracey was very surprised but thankfully she said “yes”. Then we had the last dance of the night together.”

“I am very happy”, said Carl, “so very happy”.

Life is Better When You’re Laughing

Mavis and Colin’s marriage dates back to 1960, having met at a dance hall and getting married before they were even 18. Mavis became ill with Multiple Sclerosis and Colin cared for her full time until he was diagnosed with dementia. Mavis said she missed all the things they did before Colin’s dementia got worse and was always wondering when it would be that Colin wouldn’t recognise her.

“I didn’t know anywhere like Revitalise existed where so much was done to make a break so enjoyable,” Mavis said. “At Revitalise Colin had been getting up and talking to people, something he hasn’t done for a long time.

“The fun and the laughter was exactly what we needed to get back to who we used to be. We look after each other. We have been married 57 years and are best friends, lovers and partners. Revitalise was just the icing on the cake of our life together so far.”

Take a Much Needed Respite Break

Revitalise are still welcoming disabled people and carers to Revitalise Sandpipers in Merseyside, for those that have not been able to access a respite break for nearly a year due to the pandemic.

The charity have funding available and can also provide transport across the country. Anyone who feels they could benefit from their support only needs to ask – click here to get in touch with Revitalise.

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