“I didn’t know it at the time…but these courses really shaped my future. They sparked my intrigue into the medium of glass and they helped me to build a portfolio which helped me to land a place in my current degree course.” – Hannah, TCDT Alumna

The Creative Dimension Trust (TCDT) offers workshops, with free tuition and materials, to young people who want to develop their hand skills. Workshops range from architectural model making to stone letter carving and sign writing on skateboards. All workshops are fully funded by generous sponsors and taught by world-class tutors.

The diverse TCDT programme has evolved with COVID-19  developments. Workshops are offered either online or at venues with social distancing measures in place. 

TCDT workshops are open to students aged 14-19 who show potential in forging a career pathway where precise hand-eye coordination and the ability to understand and construct 3-dimensional shapes are prerequisites. 

A report by The Crafts Council estimates that in 2018, crafts contributed £3.4bn to the UK economy, with 11,620 craft businesses employing 149,510 people. The report also highlighted some problems – a disconnect in craft higher education, and around 40% of people working in craft are over 50, and 80% are male.

Participation in arts subjects is on the decline in both secondary and higher education. This decline has been associated with the introduction of educational performance frameworks, perceptions of the value of arts education among pupils and parents, and a political emphasis on STEM. 

Crafts promote precise hand-eye coordination, and the ability to understand and construct 3-dimensional shapes. These are core skills for any young person considering a career in architecture, design, surgery, or the engineering and construction industries. 

All  TCDT workshops provide valuable insight into possible career paths. Alumni have pursued careers in subjects including architecture, engineering, fine art, jewellery making, art conservation, glass working, theatre design,  fashion and costume design. 

TCDT aims to have 80% of participants from less advantaged backgrounds, and their direct recruiting for workshops is carried out at schools located in areas of social/economic deprivation or geographic isolation. In 2020, over 50% of TCDT students were Black, Asian and minority ethnic.

Find out more about The Creative Dimension Trust free workshops and how to apply by visiting the TCDT website.

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