A couple who have been vegans for three years were given food for thought recently when they welcomed a rescue dog into their home – called Bacon!

Dog-loving vegans bring home the Bacon!
Bacon is understandably licking his lips at the idea of a forever home with Tom and Alex

The 18-month-old Mastiff Cross, adopted from Dogs Trust Kenilworth, stole the hearts of Tom Renkel and his partner Alex Holt after their previous dog, Big Dave, also adopted from the rehoming centre, sadly passed away on New Year’s Day. 

With their Warwick home feeling empty without a four-legged friend, they turned to Dogs Trust once again and didn’t have to chew the fat for too long, before they decided Bacon could be the one for them. 

“It was an easy decision for us as we love Mastiffs,” said Tom. “Before Big Dave, who was a Mastiff Cross, we’d also adopted Buster, a Rottweiler Mastiff Cross, so Bacon seemed our perfect match. We did laugh when we saw his name but that certainly didn’t put us off!” 

Dog-loving vegans bring home the Bacon!
Bacon waited patiently at Dogs Trust Kenilworth before landing on his paws, finding his ideal home with Tom and Alex

Bacon arrived at the Honiley rehoming centre after a change in circumstances meant his previous owners could no longer take care of the lively youngster. Being experienced Mastiff owners, Tom and Alex felt they could give Bacon the home he needed, and the rehoming centre team agreed. 

“Bacon has definitely landed on his paws with Tom and Alex,” said Emma-Jane Thomas, Manager at Dogs Trust Kenilworth. “He has had quite a  tough start in life and has still got lots to learn, but we’re sure that with them by his side he will come on in leaps and bounds. 

“Tom and Alex told us they were vegan as we were finalising the adoption and we did wonder if they’d change his name! We’re really glad they haven’t as he does respond to it, so they’ve definitely done the right thing by him, even though I’m sure they thought bacon was never going to be part of their daily lives ever again!” 

Dog-loving vegans bring home the Bacon!
Bacon has settled in well with vegans Tom and Alex

Bacon is now enjoying quiet walks as well as lots of playtime and Tom and Alex are doing training with him, in return for tasty treats – but not bacon! 

“He really makes us laugh so we thought a silly name for a fun dog, why not? Plus, he’s had lots of change in his young life, so we didn’t want him to have to get used to anything else new,” Tom explained.

“He is on a normal doggie diet and when we are training with him his favourite reward is cheese. He likes chicken too, but we haven’t given him bacon yet. Maybe one day we’ll give it a try!”  

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